“PRORAIM” systems for water purification and disinfection are based on modern ecological technology of water treatment with silver and copper ions, released in an electro-chemical way in magnetic field environment and filtration through cation filter, providing complex purification of water, namely:
    removing manganese, iron, lead, ammonium, magnesium and other metals
    stable disinfection of water with powerful bactericide effect on viruses, bacteria, algae and fungus.

    The residual quantity of silver and copper ions in the water provides its sterilization also in secondary bacterial infection-this property is especially useful in epidemiological disease, distributed through water (e.g. hepatitis).


    Why is it a good idea to purify our drinking water even if why live in an urban area?


    The quality of the water received from the central water supply is sometimes very poor. The water is turbid and contaminated with heavy metals, such as iron, manganese and lead. Sewer and water supply networks are very old. Metal pipes are worn off and very often ruptures happen, which causes absorption of fecal waters from the sewerage in drinking water and secondary bacterial infection.

    That is why it is necessary to purify and disinfect the water in the city at the input, right after the water meter unite, through “PRORAIM” system-a modern ecological technology, which provides quality of drinking water which meets highest international standards.


    We guarantee.


    Compliance and implementation of the norms and requirements for quality of drinking water .



    The use of chlorine in disinfection is harmful for health, as well as for environment. The most negative factor of this disinfection is the fact, that chlorine does not destroy all kinds of viruses and bacteria, because they are resistant to it.
    There are no microorganisms resistant to silver ions.

    - Protects from sediment incrustation;
    - Dissolves renal calculus;
    - Powerful synergetic bactericidal effect;
    - Destroys viruses, bacteria, algae and fungus, such as:
    - Anaerobe bacteria; Streptokokken; E-Choil; Pseudomonaden; Legionellen;
    - Kryptosporidien; Cholera stimulant, etc.
    - Has immediate bactericidal effect, no contact time is needed;
    - Provides secure immune protection and stimulates blood producing organs in the system;
    - Treats skin infections, eczema and allergies;
    - The residual quantity of copper and silver ions in the water provide the minimal daily concentrations necessary for each organism;
    - It is not deactivated by sun or air;
    - No chemicals are being used, pH is not changing;
    - Does not have aggressive impact on water conduits;
    - Does not produce any noxious lateral products;
    - Operation mode is controlled automatically and does not need personnel assistance;
    - The treatment is independent of the temperature of air and water;
    - Low energy consumption of the process-0.5 Wth/m3;
    - Does not store premises, transport costs and chemical equipment for deactivation in case of leakage, like with chlorine;
    - Maintenance costs are decreased twice;
    - Restores and activates the destroyed fine structure of the water, making it fresh like forest spring;
    - Does not contaminate the environment;
    - Removes: iron (0.2 mg/l); manganese (0.15 mg/l); ammonia (0.2 mg/l); lead (0.2 mg/l), etc.


    In case the water contamination is bigger than the described quantities, we offer additional modules for purification.